Tips for Handling Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can cause severe inconvenience and is something a homeowner, renter, or business owner never wants to encounter. Burst pipes can lead to hours of clean-up and water damage and can destroy various items on your property if left untreated, which is why it is critical that you act fast and efficiently to ensure the water stops and is cleaned up. To help you combat your burst pipes, the expert plumbing team at Coast to Coast Restoration has compiled our top list of action items to help you take the necessary steps to solve the burst pipes and restore your home or business.


What Do I Do When A Pipe Bursts?


Shut Off The Water Immediately

Whether your burst pipe is due to freezing cold temperatures or another reason, the most important thing to do is shut your water off immediately. When pipes burst, it is due to pressure build-up; when you shut off the water, you negate that issue. If your pipe has already burst, still shut off the water to ensure another spot on the pipe doesn’t burst as well. It is essential to note you may need to shut off your electricity as well, depending on the size and location of the burst.


Open A Faucet

After you have shut off the water, there may still be water in your pipes, causing more pressure. To relieve this pressure build-up and prevent further damage, open a faucet. Doing so will alleviate any leftover water and water pressure build-up.


Call A Professional Plumber

Replacing, repairing, and installing new pipes is no easy task and should be completed by a professional plumbing team. Many plumbers offer emergency repair services, which is fantastic if you are in a pinch. Once you call the plumber, they will ensure your pipe or pipes are repaired efficiently and correctly.


Clean Up The Water As Soon As Possible

Once your pipes are under control, the next step you will want to take is to remove any water that has come from the pipes. It is best to work quickly, as the longer the water lingers, the more you run the risk of damage, mold, and mildew build-up. You can clean up the water by utilizing mops, towels, and other drying equipment. Once the area is dry and no longer damp, it is best to place a fan on the area to dry up any excess water or moisture that may be lingering.


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