Why Prompt Water Damage Restoration Matters

How Fast Should I Act When I Experience Water Damage?

Whether a pipe burst, an appliance was installed improperly, or the weather has gotten inside your property, water damage is any home or business owner’s worst nightmare. Water damage can not only be costly but can also cause severe amounts of damage if not dealt with as soon as possible. While unfortunate, water damage negatively affects many people daily, which is why you need to spring into action to combat and straighten away the unwanted water. To help you understand why prompt water damage restoration is vital to restoring your home or business, the industry experts at Coast to Coast Restoration have compiled a list of reasons why it’s critical to restore water damage urgently.


Top 4 Reasons You Need To Restore Water Damage Immediately


Water Damage Causes Health Issues

One of the top concerns with water damage is that when it is left for more extended periods, there is a significant increase in the chance of mold growth, as you have about 24-48 hours before mold begins to grow in your space. This mold growth can cause serious health issues for your family, customers, friends, employees, etc, especially those with underlying or chronic health issues. Mold is a pesky fungus that can grow almost anywhere, including walls, furniture, floors, doors, ceilings, and anywhere between. When you promptly and professionally remove the water damage and go through a proper drying process, you mitigate and prevent the growth of mold or other fungus from contaminating your space and health.


Water Damage Can Cause Safety Issues

While mold and other bacteria are harmful, water damage can also cause other safety issues, such as electrocution. When water is found near outlets, appliances, or other items plugged into outlets, it becomes a conduit of electricity. Anyone who steps in or touches the water will be shocked, which can cause major injuries and other health-related issues. If you encounter a situation where water is near electricity, contact a professional immediately to mitigate any risk of safety concerns. 


Water Damage Can Rot Your Floors

When your home, business, or property is exposed to water, whether a slight covering or inches high, your flooring and other wooden materials or structures are susceptible to rotting. The average time for wood to rot in your home is 72 hours. To save your floors, walls, and furniture, begin water damage restoration early, which will save you money on replacing wooden goods.


Water Damage Can Be Costly

When you act quickly and efficiently and contact a professional, your home or business is less likely to suffer structurally. In addition, acting fast will help you salvage any leftover personal belongings, furniture, paperwork, or anything else of significance, saving you money by not having to replace them.


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